Day 120 – Make my first iPhone app in 30 weeks (Motion and Dynamics)

This is part of “Make my first iPhone app in 30 weeks” series.

Motion (adds subtle motion)

  • UIInterpolatingMotionEffect – allows to add depth to the UI
  • UIMotionEffectGroup – Add UIInterpolatingMotionEffect objects to apply change simultaneously

Dynamics (adds realism)

  • UIDynamicAnimator controls the physics engine
  • UIDynamicBehavior needs the objects that conform to UIDynamicItem protocol to be added to it. UIView and UICollectionViewCell conform to this protocol out of the box.
    • UIGravityBehavior
    • UICollisionBehavior
    • UIAttachmentBehavior
    • UISnapBehavior
    • UIPushBehavior
    • UIDynamicItemBehavior
  • UIDynamicAnimatorDelegate allows the delegate object to be notified when the animation pauses or resumes.

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