About Ahryun

I’m a financial analyst who enjoys clashing financial concepts with technology. I learned Python, Visual Basics, Javascript, HTML, CSS and web design.

2 thoughts on “About Ahryun

  1. Ahryun,

    You realize that Facebook is developing facial recognition software as we speak, correct? This is a potential PR wet dream for Facebook if they can use their software to catch this criminal. I think your best bet would be to “call out” Facebook (on Facebook) and try to convince them to see if their software can find out who this is. Also, the fact that this occurred in SF narrows is down considerably for Facebook.

    Good luck.

    • That’s actually a brilliant idea. I wish I saw your comment earlier. The thief got caught yesterday. I am planning to write a blog post about what I learned from this experience and what to do when someone finds herself in a similar situation. I’ll include your suggestion there for sure. Thank you!

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